A carefully selected network of international partners locally recognized for their expertise

Ensuring the most complete services in international mobility and personal tax matters, HUETAX collaborates daily with a vast network of international lawyers.

Instead of limiting itself to an internal international team, as do Anglo-Saxon law firms, HUETAX has deliberately set out to create a far-reaching international network of the highest caliber.

Thanks to privileged relationships, HUETAX maintains a solid partnership with the most renowned experts in international mobility and personal tax matters in the world, providing our clients access to the excellence of the most recognized and efficient local professionals.

A network of French partners rigorously selected for their professionalism

In order to respond to the wide array of issues our clients encounter, HUETAX nurtures close collaborative relationships with lawyers specialized in complementary disciplines: labor law, immigration law, business law, social security law, etc.

The expanse of our network of legal experts allows us to offer coordinated responses to the full range of our clients’ questions and confidence in the quality of the services provided.

Huetax also relies on the competencies of specialized service providers such as payroll services, relocation services and retirement specialists, allowing us to provide complete, customized counsel to businesses and individuals alike.
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